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Angelic light weaving, angelic healing, angel healing, angels

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Angelic Light Weaving is interdimensional communication which uses healing energy transmitted through the Angelic realm. We weave to communicate with the Angels, and we act as the angel's 3rd dimensional partners to transmit their information and healing energy to other humans. The energy sent this way contains coded information: sacred geometry, symbols, colors, and shapes known as Light Language. Angelic Light Weaving is Etheric/Energy Field Restructuring. It encompasses all that you are and is used to clear fear, blockages and dis-ease from the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies. 

It can be used to restore, re-balance and align all the energy systems of one's physical, energetic and auric field.


When healing, 5th dimensional energy, symbols, colors and shapes are woven into a person's physical, emotional and spiritual bodies when they receive light weaving. The light weaving energies emanating from the light weavers' hands and fingertips, breaking through barriers of language, time and space.


During a session, the light weaver will use light weaving as they are intuitively guided and only with the intention for the highest good of those involved. It can be used alone or combined with other healing modalities.  

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