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Are you ready to take steps to improve your life, your health,

your spiritual growth, your Ascension process?


This program is for you!


We all have trauma. The human experience comes with many difficulties. These traumas become trapped in the physical, mental and emotional bodies which causes difficulty in all areas of our life if not identified and released. We will be identifying these traumas, blocks, limiting beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you and focus on releasing them. By identifying them we can find the core of the block/belief/pattern and clear it.


This mentorship program will be designed specifically for your unique Divine blueprint. I connect to your Higher Self and your Spirit team to receive guidance with what will work best for you. It is to support your goals for your well being, spiritual growth and ascension process so you can move forward on your path.

It is a combination of Spiritual Life coaching, Energy Healing, Quantum Healing,

Multidimensional healing and Light work in each session.

This program is two 90 minute sessions per month for 3 months. (6 sessions)

If you’d prefer to come weekly or add more sessions we can work out a special plan.


These sessions could include any of the modalities/techniques that I work with that are listed on my website. Most likely it will be a combination of them. It will depend on what you specifically require to accomplish the goals you have determined and what your energy and consciousness is ready to receive.


You may receive assignments or handouts to complete during the program.

This will be guided by your higher self and what I receive intuitively for you.

These session could include:

*Intention setting and movement toward completion of desired intentions. These

intentions can include physical, emotional or spiritual goals or all three.


*Learning techniques on how to take control of your life and emotions.


*Learning how to no longer allow others to affect what you desire so you can

stand more in your power as a spiritual being and live the life you choose


*Tools to accelerate your transformation


*Improve your relationship with money.


*Support in opening the heart and loving your true self


*Raising your awareness, consciousness and vibrational frequency to a higher level of being


* Integrate soul fragments to feel whole, complete and loved.

*Clearing negative energies from the physical, etheric, mental & emotional bodies


* Cord cutting to remove unhealthy attachments you have to others and that

others have to you (this could include people, places or things)

*Past Life healing to release patterns, limiting beliefs and blocks brought through from other lifetimes

*Release inherited trapped emotions that have been passed down through generational trauma


*Uncover, activate and gain confidence in your spiritual gifts and learn to trust in your innate wisdom.


*Light body activations, cellular clearing and repair, DNA upgrades/activations, Merkaba activations,

Nervous system upgrades, Light code downloads, Rainbow body activations


Cost for this program is:


Credit/debit/paypal - $1,025 Either paid in full at first session or if you need a payment plan we can split it into 2 payments. $525 at 1st session and $500 at 4th session. This is a 15% discount off my regular fees.

Cash - $950 This is a 20% discount instead of 15%.

If you need a payment plan it would be $500 at first session and $450 at 4th.

I provide healing sessions at my facility in Timonium, MD and remotely by phone and virtual. For more details see my Distance healing page.

"Sherri is not only a great energy healer but a great teacher. She is able to teach on many different levels and subjects. She is well informed in the areas she is passionate about, which would include all of her healing modalities and more. That passion transfers to her energetic sessions with a lot of compassion, understanding and coaching."

Kathleen Ann Marye, Nottingham, MD

Rev. Sherri Lehr

Quantum & Spiritual Healer

Spiritual Life Coach and Advisor

Reiki Master Teacher

Priestess of Melchizedek / 443-794-7941

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