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Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment is a hands-on healing session which connects your energy grid (meridians) to the energy grid of the Earth and the Universe. Axiatonal lines create the energy network in our light body which helps support our bio-energy systems to maximize health, harmony and balance to our energetic systems including all chakras and meridians.

This work aligns you with the grid around the earth and the energy grid around you (your personal energy field); it reaches far out into the universe and deep within our cells. When you extend the acupuncture lines (meridians) of the body, and connect them to the cosmic energy grid, it aligns the body to the Axiatonal Lines of the living universe and the person's higher self. It regenerates the physical body into a higher vibration and aligns the blood, lymph, endocrine and nervous systems. You will also experience an activation of your etheric DNA.

The Axiatonal Lines are vibratory lines of light and sound energy which connect the levels of human electrochemical activity with astro-biological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems.  

It is connected to Sacred Geometry, the Star of Tetraheron and the Star of David. Axiatonal Alignment is more than a healing modality, it is an initiation into Divine Awareness. As a healing modality it opens blocked energy pathways/meridians that hold back the Divine flow of Love from source. It will help you remember your Divine connection. 

What does the average person experience

from Axiatonal Alignment?

It could be as simple as being more aware of your surroundings, seeing things you never saw before, feeling more in tune with the world, experiencing an increase in your senses, an enhancement of awareness or simply feeling better physically. Most people feel a stronger connection to Source, experience heightened states of consciousness and have a clearer sense of purpose. It could be an improvement of major illness, a deep profound relaxation, a sense of total peace within oneself, a "lightness" as if all the weight of the world has been lifted, balancing of the feminine and masculine sides of the body, high motivation, deep concentration, clearer and more vivid dreams and answers to problems being given in them, sharper focus, and feeling a connection to the "ALL".

It can be used alone or combined with any other healing modality (when used with other modalities it takes that therapy to a deeper level).

Axiatonal alignment changes the lives of all who experience it. To experience this therapy once is to be a believer.

3 sessions seems to be the magic number to open you up to the 5th dimensional grid system. 

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