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Quantum Energy healing

Quantum healing is a combination of a variety of energy healing modalities and techniques.  By combining ideas from body-mind-spirit processes with quantum physics, meditation, holistic medicine 

and energy circulation, it is possible to heal the body-mind-spirit complex by shifting energetic signatures  at a quantum or subatomic level.  Quantum healing practitioners assist you by working with your body’s life force to shift your energy which triggers the body’s natural healing process.


In my sessions I connect to your energy and Higher Self to receive guidance with what is in your highest good to receive during your session in accordance with your intentions for healing. I use any/all healing modalities & processes as I am intuitively guided or requested by the client. Spiritual counseling is also a part of this process.








I channel and Infuse Multi-Dimensional 

Light/Energy to assist you in:

 Releasing:  negative energy, toxins, blocks, limiting beliefs,

trapped emotions

Clearing & Balancing: Chakras, Aura, body systems, toroidal

field, meridians

Activating: Light body, DNA, Rainbow body, Merkaba

Upgrading: DNA, Nervous system, Three-fold flame

Raising your vibration & Consciousness

• The Ascension & Awakening processes

 Cellular clearing and repair

• Improving your health

• Opening your heart

• Past Life healing

• Soul Retrieval

• Cord cutting



Check out some of my other pages on this site to learn more about the many modalities that I use in my practice.


I also provide these sessions with my partner Michael at Holistic expos and a few days throughout the year as his work schedule permits. 

See my events page for details and dates.


"I have had several healing sessions with Sherri & Michael, and they are absolutely life changing. After every session I experience profound grace, gratitude, inspiration, clarity, direction and a renewed sense of my true self. They are humble, wholesome and salt of the earth people, who bring to life the magical and mystical world around us while grounding you into your physical realm. I highly recommend this beautiful soul couple for Healing - you'll never be the same after a session with them." -Whitney Schrader, Columbia, MD


I provide healing sessions at my facility in Timonium, MD and remotely

by phone and Video chat.

For more details see my Contact/Address page and my Distance healing page.

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