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Money Reiki

Money Reiki is an energetic healing modality that works with your energy system to uncover, release and heal blocks, limiting beliefs, traumas, negative emotions and fears that prevent you from being totally open to an abundance of financial wealth



Money is Energy. The Spiritual energy of money at its source is the vibration of Love, Light and generosity. In its energetic form, money is a living thing. Money is the physical aspect of the energy of abundance and it embodies the principle of circulation. The Law of Circulation is about the flow of energy that we put out into the world. This Universal Law dictates that there is an exchange of giving and receiving.



Most prosperity courses promise a lot, but often fall very short of these promises. Money Reiki is about healing money issues. Not just personally but on a planetary basis as well. It is a system that helps you clear energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and fears around money, earning money and managing money. This is a very different approach than the basic teachings of prosperity courses. Money Reiki is less about manifestation of abundance and more about clearing out negative energy in relation to money. If you are currently doing any prosperity, abundance and manifestation work, it is an effective addition to that work.



Money Reiki is not a system that tells you that your money problems will be solved immediately through positive thinking, but through application of energy healing and taking action in your life you can overcome your financial issues. As more and more negative energy is released, the more the attracting elements of Money reiki can take hold.



Financial issues can stem from a number of different roots, including health problems, poor financial management, negative conditioning, past life karma, spiritual contracts, wrong career paths, and much more. We all have different issues in relation to money and results will vary depending upon the person, but money reiki always works to release the negative energy around money so that you can receive more in your life.



We have been conditioned with limiting beliefs, negative emotions and fears around money by society, culture, family, education, political and religious organizations for thousands of years.

What is a limiting belief? They are assumptions that we believe about the world and how you can’t accomplish things that hold us back from achieving our goals even though they’re not true. Some limiting beliefs around money are: Money is the root of all evil, The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, My family has never been rich, I’m not good with money, there isn’t enough to go around, Money doesn’t grow on trees, I feel guilty having money when others don’t, rich people are greedy, etc.



Negative emotions and fears around money include: feeling guilty for having it, cynicism of people who have it, fearing the lack of it, feeling unworthy of it, worrying that you won’t have enough, fear of losing a job, fear that you’ll never be out of debt, fear of being defined by how much you have or don’t have.



Money reiki works to cure the root of the problem. As we clear our energy around money it improves our relationship with money and lifts the vibration of money for us and the planet. As the earthly energy of money is healed, the negative thought-forms around money and prosperity are replaced by more positive one’s. The energy around money becomes more positive and as people interact with money they will be subtly touched and inspired to do better things with it. As we all shift the energy of money to a higher vibration, people will be naturally drawn to use money in higher ways.

Distance Healing

15 Minutes - $40

30 Minutes - $70

In Person Healing

30 Minutes - $70

60 Minutes - $120

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