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What is Reiki?

"Try Reiki!" - Dr. Mehmet Oz

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." It can restore energy and well-being and in many cases, relieve pain, illness and disease. I compare it to acupuncture, except where acupuncture is invasive, Reiki is not. The practitioner channels and transfers healing energy by placing their hands on or above the recipient who lies fully clothed on a massage table or chair. Reiki can be used to help everything and anything that needs healing. Whether it's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

I work with Usui, Tibetan and Kundalini Reiki.  

Reiki has aided in healing virtually every known illness and injury, including serious problems like heart disease and cancer, as well as skin problems, cuts, broken bones, nerve damage, intestinal disorders, headaches, colds, sunburn, insect bites, insomnia, lack of confidence, depression, etc.

Many healing miracles with Reiki have occurred and there are many books and articles that have documented this. It has been recognized by the National Institute of Health and is being used in hundreds of Hospitals and clinics throughout the US, including the University of MD medical Center - Shock Trauma unit.

Reiki is an alternative therapy that involves the transfer of Divine energy from practitioner to client thru the "laying on of hands" to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy. The energy centers in our body are called chakras. There are 7 main chakras in the body, each of which resonates with a specific color of the rainbow. (See page on chakras)

"Spirituality is God's call in your Soul" - Iyanla Vanzant

 Reiki utilizes specific techniques for restoring and balancing the natural life force energy within the body. It is a natural, hands-on energy healing system that touches on all levels: body, mind and spirit. I usually focus on the energy centers and any areas of discomfort that the client points out. 

Kundalini Reiki focuses on opening the Kundalini channel. Kundalini is an energy body (structure) and forms part of your subtle body along with your chakras, auric layers, and meridians that runs along the spine. 

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement that anyone can use. It can do no harm and can only create beneficial effects. Reiki will not interfere with any medical care you are receiving. It is a relaxation technique which relaxes the body, mind and spirit, all of which are beneficial to healing any condition. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness or condition. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, feelings of peace, security and well-being. Many have reported miraculous results. It can improve one's health and enhance the quality of life.

This non-invasive, completely benign healing technique is becoming more and more popular as western medicine continues to explore alternative methods of healing. Reiki is destined to play an important role as an accepted and valued healing practice.

Reiki Healing can help with anything.

See my page on What Energy healing can do.

Reiki is being used in Healthcare

Reiki case study shows how reiki can calm dementia and alzheimers

Reiki case studies on Fibromyalgia

Reiki and Mesothelioma

Reiki cancer research

Reiki and Cancer 

(Article from the internet)

Although the mainstream medical profession is usually slow to include alternative health practices without extensive statistical evidence, Reiki is an exception. Relying mostly on an enormous groundswell of positive healing anecdotes, a surprising number of doctors have recommended it to their patients. Moreover, Reiki is offered as a complement to traditional treatments in many leading hospitals such as Memorial Sloan Kettering, DHMC, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, Bassett Healthcare’s Louis Busch Hager Cancer Center, and the Yale Center. In Memorial Sloan Kettering, for example, it’s considered so valuable that it’s offered regularly for in-service courses for all hospital staff so that they can integrate it into their patient care.



The response from practitioners and patients alike have been extremely promising. Both groups report that this gentle healing art promotes natural healing, stimulates endorphins, lessens or eliminates pain, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate, regulates hormone levels, promotes deep relaxation, and increases energy. Even the prestigious American Cancer Society recognizes that Reiki speeds healing, contributes toward spiritual and physical well-being, and reduces the intensity and frequency of nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy. Many practitioners attest that Reiki shortens hospital stays, decreases patients’ need for drugs, lessens the side effects of treatment, and improves the quality of life.



As part of an on-going study of Reiki at Sloan Kettering, 1,200 patients found Reiki highly beneficial. They described a 50% reduction of pain from their most uncomfortable symptoms after a single treatment and claimed it stayed at that level for at least two days afterword.. The Reiki therapists were quick to point out that this study just confirmed their impressions, formed from observations of many previous treatments.



As if this weren’t enough reason to use it, the therapists remind us that Reiki can do no harm and can improve the condition of any illness. It requires nothing of the patient because the energy flows to where it needs to go and heals on all levels – mental, physical, emotional or spiritual. Thus, Reiki has healed patients with pain, fatigue, stress, nausea and depression.



With fatigue and anxiety, two very common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation experienced by cancer patients, Reiki produces excellent results. Practitioners at Sloan declare that Reiki allows patients to rest deeply and feel comfortable. Equally important, Reiki energizes, improves sleep, aids relaxation, and makes it possible for patients to do things thought impossible before.



While other pain-reduction methods, such as massage, may be effective for some patients, it is often inappropriate for cancer patients undergoing radiation because their skin may be too sensitive. Reiki, on the other hand, can easily be performed on anyone, in any condition, with healthful effects.



In short, Reiki had been shown to be a highly effective, user-friendly healing technique, recognized and used by leading hospitals and doctors as an adjunct to cancer care.. Through widespread testimonies by both patients and practitioners, Reiki is rapidly developing the stellar reputation it deserves.



Reiki and Mesothelioma


Reiki and cancer

Reiki cancer research US

Reiki cancer research UK

Reiki & Weight loss

As we know, Reiki is one form of energy work. Since its purpose is to balance the energy flow in and in some cases around the body, it may be able to help weight loss.

Reiki can stabilize your appetite and make you more aware of your body's nutritional needs. It can help you to make healthier choices and also to remove unhealthy cravings.

After only several sessions of Reiki you might completely change the way you feed your body. It can help with will-power too. 

Reiki can help tune the organs up and balance the metabolism so that they better process the food. It can help take the stress out of making the needed changes.

To lose weight you will have to adopt a healthier more active lifestyle, there is no way around that. But Reiki can make it easier and is a wonderful support for you while you do what you need to do.

Generally, the more acute your eating problems are, the more difference you will notice. Whether your weight problems have a physical or a psychological basis, Reiki will always help a person move towards health.

It is certainly worth a try because Reiki will make you feel better. If you can feel better about yourself first, the weight will come off easier.

Some other modalities suggest that the weight is a barrier we put up to protect ourself. If Reiki can help you feel more comfortable and confident you will be able to let go of this "shield".

Reiki is not a quick-fix, but for anyone concerned for their own health, it provides a marvelous aid towards healing. Keep in mind, that it takes several sessions to really experience good results. Give it a try and a chance, it can only make you feel better.

To date I have lost over 55 lbs without dieting through the application of energy healing. See my Bio page for more information.

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