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"I have had several healing sessions with Sherri & Michael, and they are absolutely lifechanging. After every session I experience profound grace, gratitude, inspiration, clarity, balance, direction & a renewed sense of my true self. They are humble, wholesome & salt of the earth people, who bring to life the magical & mystical world around us while grounding you into your physical reality. I highly recommend this beautiful soul couple for Healing- you will never be the same after a session with them!"
Whitney Schrader, Columbia, MD

"My husband and I have been going to Sherri for a couple of years and she is simply amazing! We recently did a healing circle with she and Michael and it was fantastic, they are true healers! In such a crazy world, we can all use more of their services! They keep you sane and balanced!"

Stephanie Novak, Baltimore, MD


"The things that you have taught me about God, angels, my higher self and forgiveness have taken on deep meaning in my life. And I'm very grateful. You came into my life at a time of tremendous pain and vulnerability, but you made me feel safe and heard in a way that no one else has. You are a very generous and gifted healer and you have helped me very much."

Julie E., Towson, MD

This woman is incredible! Sherri joyously and intuitively blends over 12 modalities for a unique and multi-dimensional healing experience. Hands down the best healer/energy worker I have ever encountered. My body, mind and spirit have been rejuvenated and reconfigured. I am so grateful as I finally feel capable of living my dream life. A beautiful experience and person not to be missed. You will feel the love, for sure!

Reeta K, Glen Arm, MD

"Want to thank you for session last week.  I have had conversations since then on finances that before would have been triggering. Instead I feel clear, straightforward and objective on the money matters."

Gina P., Towson, MD


"Thanks for the amazing session (one from which I am fully enjoyng the benefits; I have felt great relief and movement). You are truly gifted and I'm so grateful to have crosses paths with you!"

P.G. Towson, MD


"What Sherri does is quite simply...Magic! She greets with an open heart and guides you to a better place, no matter your ailment or state of mind. Her depth of connection and insight make every visit a genuine adventure. I consider her one of my most important health practitioners and feel truly blessed to have found such a full-spectrum resource." Margot L., Baltimore, MD

I was dealing with a couple of minor health issues and knew that energy work could help me gain some perspective. I then found Rainbow Reiki’s website and liked what I read there. So I contacted Sherri to schedule some sessions. Although she sensed no blockages in my energy, the sessions have helped me realize how much control I have over my energy flow. And I have felt great ever since! I would recommend Sherri at Rainbow Reiki to anyone who has an open mind and desire to take charge of their own healing.

Valerie E, Baltimore, MD


I'm really enjoying the benefits of your work!! I think you're saving my life in many ways. Thanks!

K.H. Baltimore, MD


I wanted to thank you again for your generosity in coming to campus and sharing so openly and engagingly about your work. The students found the conversation fascinating and I’m sure we will be talking about it for the next few weeks as the semester winds down. I hope it was a generative discussion for you as well. I hope that our paths will cross again soon and thank you again for your participation! Ann D., Goucher College, Associate Professor of Religion


It was a wonderful session. Sherri is working with some new healing types that are very powerful. It's several hours later now, and to my surprise, I seem to have a lot less pain in my knees now. (I hadn't said anything to Sherri about my painful knees prior to the session).

Carolyn C. Baltimore, MD


I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for my healing session. It was a very powerful experience for me and I have definitely noticed some big shifts inside myself. I had a little bit of a rocky period but I think it was because I wasn't quite prepared for the changes to take place so quickly! I really appreciate your compassion, your healing techniques and that you took extra time with me.

Meghan D. Bel Air, MD


Anyone who has thought about coming to Sherri for healing and has not done so, I highly recommend her. A lovely spirit and great healer. Diana, Phoenix, MD


Don't hesitate to partake of the services offered by Sherri. It can enhance your life. Rita, Hydes, MD


It blows my mind that Sherri always knows what to work on just ahead of the Astrology alignments. She really gets rid of blocks. Jenn, Towson, MD


Sherri and her partner gave individualized attention. Prior to the expected reiki session, Sherri brought out singing bowls and led us in a brief meditation to take us into a space of experiencing the toning. It was an amazing experience. This was followed up with a reiki session, and I must say both Sherri and her Partner were very generous with their time and their spiritual energy. I really strongly recommend them for the knowledge that is imparted and the very detectable high vibrations of the sessions! Carolyn C., Baltimore, MD


I have truly benefited from my session with Sherri. I find myself more appreciative of the natural beauty of the world, in a sense I am more in-tune with myself and more aware of my thoughts and I just overall feel lighter and HAPPIER! L.K. Baltimore, MD


I wanted to thank you. I totally see a change, especially in my leg. Today I took a walk in the briskness of a cold sunny yet beautiful day and I thank God for you. I love your spirit and you are Beautiful and unique. I can't wait to come back. It was not an accident that I came to your office. You told me about your previous relationship and that was good for me to hear. It was encouraging. You are a blessed Lady! Lots happened in the session good for me in many ways. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Valerie H. Baltimore, MD


Sherri is an amazing healer who has done wonders for me. She is the best of the best and has the purest of hearts. - Mike, Baltimore, MD

Sherri is not only a great energy healer but a great teacher. She is able to teach on many different levels and subjects. She is well informed in the areas she is passionate about, which would include all of her healing modalities and more. That passion transfers to her energetic sessions with a lot of compassion, understanding and coaching. Kathleen Ann Marye, Nottingham, MD

So Thankful to my friend Sherri for the distance reiki healing I received. It helped me feel 10 times better and my fever broke. - Kat, Baltimore, MD


After carrying around heaviness from stress and guilt for years, it was practically gone after one session with Sherri. She is a master at helping people feel better. - Kim Rudy, Carney, MD

Every time I see Sherri, I leave feeling so much better. Anxiety is gone and I am relaxed. When I have pain or inflamation from my intestinal disorders, I can feel energies releasing as Sherri is working the energy in my stomach. I always feel so much better and relieved when she is done. - Stacy, Carney, MD

“Sherri came to our winter “Chillax” event at Goucher College where she tirelessly worked with students on providing the best Reiki therapy possible! The students absolutely loved her and we couldn’t wait to have her come back in the spring. She’s friendly, prompt, professional, and really concentrates on channeling positive energy! I encourage anyone and everyone to have a session with her!”

Kami McManus, Health Educator [Goucher College]

"Reiki healing has changed my life in an incredible way! Through simple channeling of divine energies surrounding all of us, it has helped me clear up headaches, stomach ailments, skin conditions, and have provided solace and guidance through a plethora of emotional issues. Sherri brings a wealth of expertise and deep sensitivity to energies to each session, leaving you feeling purged, rejuvenated and at peace. Try Reiki! It works!" -

Daniel McCloskey, Baldwin, MD

I have really felt some amazing shifts in my energy since our session. I am more sensitive and I can feel the energy moving nicely. My mind is clearer and I do not feel as drained and I feel more creative and my throat chakra has opened even more. Needless to say, I am grateful that our paths have crossed and it is a pleasure and an honor to receive attunments from you.

Bonnie Knill, Baltimore, MD


Thank you so much for the clarification. I played 6 games of volleyball last night and my knee was definitely improved.

Jody, Baltimore, MD


I just wanted to write and say thank you again for today. It was crazy how much I was able to open up to you and just let it all out. You definitely made me feel better about the situation. I greatly look forward to our next session, and definitely many more to come after that. L. D., Baltimore, MD


Thank you for speaking to the Administrative group at AAMC! We are so lucky to share in your knowledge and wisdom.

Kristen & B.J., IAAP, Washington, DC


Sherri, Today was the first day since I can remember in the last 4 months that I washed my hair and had only a normal amount of shedding, which was very little. That just increased my hope and faith. :) Thanks Coach! - Janisha, Baltimore, MD


I visited Rainbow Reiki, meeting Sherri for the first time to receive Reiki Attunements. I want to thank her for being very informative and so genuine. I received everything and more than I was seeking in such a relaxed environment. I'm looking forward to working with Sherri in the future, and attending monthly group sessions. Thank You Sherri

Delia, Baltimore, MD


Sherri, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful healing session we had about a month ago. I feel so grateful to have such a shift take place for me after that time. I am writing this email from my new place, as I moved out on my own. It was such a long time coming and now, I just feel so settled and peace that it is for the best.

J.P. York, PA


Sherri, On my way back from my session I ran into one guy and had a nice flirty talk, then another guy with flirty talk, then was assertively hit on by an undergrad who wants me to call him, then a young man I met in the Fall just texted me!!! Yay for sacral chakra being open!

K.O. Baltimore, MD


Sherri, Thank you so much for yesterday. I learned a lot and feel less stuck and more positive. Yuko, Baltimore, MD

Distance Healing

I can feel the warmth and tingling as you are sending me the energies. I felt my body relaxing and the turmoil I was feeling has turned into peacefulness. Amanda, Mt. Airy, MD


Very interesting when you start working on my spine, my shoulders, arms and legs instantly feel more energy and relaxation. Very cool.

Kate, Vienna, VA


So Thankful to my friend Sherri for the distance reiki healing I received. It helped me feel 10 times better and my fever broke. - Kat, Nottingham, MD

Class Testimonials

To the Powerful Priestess,

Thank you VERY much for hosting such an eye-opening evening! I truly enjoyed being in a room of like-minded people and having such an open forum. I was curious to hear what others knew and how they are processing the information. I am deeply appreciative of your generosity and guidance....and feeling blessed to know someone like you. Looking forward to more! M.L. Reisterstown, MD

Sound Bath Testimonial Article by Taylor Pasini, Student of Journalism, Towson University, May 2016

C:\Users\sherrilehr\Documents\Sound bath Article .htm

The Violet Flame meditation with Healer Sherri Lehr is a wonderful way to heal in a supportive and relaxing manner. I encourage you to try this meditation and I highly recommend Sherri. Meghan, Timonium, MD

The energy of this group is always very peaceful and loving. This particular meeting was very instructive, in terms of learning about specific angels and how they work with us. The meeting included a long and very powerful meditation, during which Sherri worked quietly with the aura/energy of each attendee, using a Tibetan Bowl and a special Tuning Fork. Really a wonderful group! I will certainly return and I highly recommend! Carolyn C., Columbia, MD

I really enjoyed the meeting and getting to know the people who attended. I thought the meditation was very good. After the meditation I had much less pain in my hip, so am thankful for whichever Arch Angel contributed to that! Thanks, Sherri

Irene T. Baltimore, MD

I loved this class and learned so much. Great experience! Rosa L., Severn, MD (Healing with the Archangels class)

I really got a lot from this meetup, and feel I'll be assimilating the input for quite a while. A powerful meditation was done for the activation, and a lot of information was imparted. The whole group was wonderful (good vibes.) C.C. Columbia, MD (Fifth Dimensional Chakras class)

Sherri led us through a very satisfying workshop. The information and the meditation were wonderful, and best of all was the feeling of a high, loving, open-hearted vibration with this group. I really enjoyed meeting and listening to the ideas and experiences of everyone who attended. Carolyn

I truly enjoyed the Violet Flame Workshop last Friday evening in Columbia, MD. The meditation you lead was a peaceful and beautiful experience for me. The meditation allowed a karmic issue to arise the following that I NEVER knew I was carrying. Later that day, I realized I had released major anger with another family member. It was unbelievable. I would love a copy of the mediation we did in the workshop so that I can keep releasing karma. Thank you so much Sherri. Much peace and blessings.

Dawn Secada

I'm so thankful to Sherri Lehr and Dan for such an enchanting evening at a wonderful Violet Flame meditation--sweet magic and enchantment. Thank you. Kathleen Ann Mayre

I would love and appreciate another Releasing Past Vows session. I learned a lot about myself and why I've made some choices in my life. Releasing past vows has empowered me in a way I can't yet describe, and I would benefit greatly from another session. Joanne W.

I woke up the next morning feeling so much lighter and freer after the class. I would love another past life class. And my girlfriend would like to come. Thanks so much for all the miracles you have brought into my life. D.F.

It was one of the most engaging violet flame meditations that I've been to and I enjoyed myself so much and learned a whole lot. I'm so excited for more classes. Kat

Good energy in this group. Sherri is dedicated with her teaching of the Violet Flame. LizAnn

Fantastic job on the presentation. Lots of great info. There was a good flow and energy in the room. D.F.

Thanks Sherri..darn I'm really beginning to look forward to our Saturdays. A really good group.

Cathi, Belair, MD

I really enjoyed the Violet Flame Meditation. I was completely relaxed and focused during the meditation and afterwards my body seemed to vibrate. Monica, Parkville, MD

Wonderful event! Inspirational and transformative. (Energy healing circle/share)

Cathy, Timonium, MD

Great drumming circle, simple format with brief instruction and straight drumming followed by socialization for those who stick around.

Mike K., Baltimore, MD

Sherri facilitated a Violet Flame meditation reading special decrees and combining with crystal singing bowls. It was an extremely powerful experience.

Carolyn, Baltimore, MD

A wonderful Healing Circle. June L. Baltimore, MD

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